Ice, ice baby

When you last saw my gardens, everything was green and beautiful and I told you something bad was coming!

It hit Wednesday. It started out as wet snow

I think Burton’s face sums up how we felt about it.

After a few hours, it looked like this….

And the snow turned to ice pellets – then freezing rain. It continued overnight, and in the morning, we woke up to a crunchy icy wonderland. Happily, we didn’t lose power, which was my main concern when they announced the impending storm the day before.

All my poor little bulbs were buried, with barely a hint in sight

Only a few were above the snow. Happily, they weren’t so advanced that this little freeze will hurt them.

My pussywillows look a little sad with their little hats of ice (but I just love that pop of pink!!!)

There are just rows and rows of icicles on every eave and edge around.

I probably should have brought my solar lanterns in for the winter, but they look pretty with their little crowns of icicles

And everywhere everything is just encased in ice. It would have been prettier if the sun was shining, but though the storm had passed, the skies remained grey.

The weather is warming up again, so all this frostiness won’t last. But I’m sure Mother Nature has another round or two left in store for us

8 thoughts on “Ice, ice baby

  1. Ice storms can be so pretty and so awful! Burton’s face is hysterical!! And, the shot of the pink pussywillows is so pretty. I hope it all melts soon and I hope you don’t get any *serious* storms in the next month or two.


  2. We had a layer of ice for several days that just melted off yesterday. I felt like Burton. So many people were falling on the ice. Apparently the ER’s were quite full of people who had fallen. Today is supposed to be near 50 and soon we’ll be in March. Hopefully winter is on it’s last gasp. Your pussywillows are really sweet though and I hope they survive the cole.
    Blessings and hugs,


  3. Araignee

    Oh, my….it may be a pain but it sure is pretty. They are telling us to expect a little snow this afternoon but the sun is out and it’s already near 40 so I am doubting it. I think they are just messing with us at this point.


  4. Shirley Elliott

    In spite of how dangerous the ice can be, your photos are just beautiful! After days of 70s and 80s in NC, the temperature has dropped into the 40s today. Forecast is for several cooler days and then warmer days. The weather roller coaster continues. I am glad it is not as severe as what you have had and hope your plants all survive.


  5. jatshaw

    I agree with Burton! Today our temps finally got into the forties instead of the twenties/love thirties, and I actually pruned our roses. However, it’s supposed to snow tonight. Go figure.


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