The leading edge

With all the sewing I’ve done lately, I’ve blasted through another pile of scraps for my Leader/Ender project. And all those scraps turned into…

Ten measly blocks! Can you believe it. Each one of those blocks uses eight parallelograms. So there’s 80 parallelograms made from scraps… it feels like a lot until you get them all together into blocks.

Still. It’s 10 more added to my stash, which gives me 41 in total. Lemmy and I did some calculations, and we think 56 will give us a decent-sized lap quilt.

So that 15 more blocks to make! We’ve got more sewing to do!

9 thoughts on “The leading edge

  1. Araignee

    What a beauty that is going to be! I love how your projects are always cat magnets. They always look so totally at home on what must be a temporary nest.


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