FO: Burton’s Lucky Charms

It is finally March!!!

The weirdest thing…. February was just flying by, but then all of a sudden, the last week and a half just started to drag. It felt like March was never going to happen.

But then it did… so it was time for a decor change

Out with the heart quilt, and in with the shamrocks!

About mid-way through February. I decide Burton’s March quilt would have to be centred around St. Patrick’s Day. But I didn’t have any St. Pat’s-themed fabric in the stash. And as much as I love my fluffbutt, I wasn’t about to order fabric to make him a quilt. His quilts are all supposed to be about using leftovers.

So I turned to the internets for inspiration and came across several shamrock/clover blocks, and sketched out my idea.

As you can see, the large shamrock is made up of a pile of green scraps. It was a little more time consuming that I planned. Usually I like Burton’s quilts to be quick, easy projects, but I think this was work it in the end. The border shamrocks are just dizzy daisies without their centres.

The whole thing was quilted with a 1/4″ line outside of each shamrock, then bound and put on his wee chaise.

And now Burton feels like the luckiest cat in the world!

8 thoughts on “FO: Burton’s Lucky Charms

  1. Araignee

    How beautiful! I just changed out all my Valentine’s Day stuff for St. Patrick’s Day but I forgot about the quilt. I need to go dig out a greenish one.


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