Tiny Needle Tuesday

It was a rather busy weekend, so there’s not much tiny needle progress to show you.

This sad bit of stitching is all I managed to accomplish. and as soon as I put that last stitch in, I promptly ripped it all out. I’m making the “butt nugget” sign on the right. And the designer has put the pattern over several pages. That’s fine… but she didn’t centre it over the pages. Stupid me, was starting late in the evening (when I should know I’m too tired to start a new project) and I centred from the centre of the pages, not the pattern! (There’s no actual pattern centre marked – you have to figure it out yourself). It took me all those stitches to realize I would be wasting a buttload of fabric if I kept going.

And let me say… ripping back knitting is one thing… cross stitching… it’s a whole other animal, and not a fun one! I’d rather tink back knit lace than pull out all those tight, tiny stitches.

But I did. And by next Tuesday, I hope to have a proper TNT post for you.

8 thoughts on “Tiny Needle Tuesday

  1. That should be a cute piece to hang in your kitchen! I almost never start at the center of a piece (or design). I typically start in the upper left corner. I’m just weird that way (I know someone who always starts at the lower right corner).


  2. I HATE pattern pieces that carry over. It can’t be helped I know, but it makes things oh-so-confusing sometimes.

    Your butt nuggets will be cute when they are done.


  3. That is going to be such a cute piece when it’s done. “Butt Nuggets!” Hilarious! I know the frustration of ripping out stitches on cross-stitch though and it is NO fun. Thank goodness you discoveredit before you went any further.
    Blessings and hugs,


  4. Araignee

    I’ve done that many times. I hate ripping back stitching too. It’s such a tedious pain. I know one day I am going to rip a hole in something out of frustration. It hasn’t happened yet but it’s just a matter of time since I rip back so often anymore.


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