Antiquing again

We were off on another quest yesterday.

Dave wanted me to drive him to Woodstock to meet with a guy and get some old bumpers for the Charger. I told him if he’s making me drive to Woodstock (just over an hour away), we were going to hit up that big antique market again

I didn’t really have anything on my “have to have” list. I’m keeping my eye out for some Merry Mushroom canisters… but they are very popular and tough to find this side of the border. (American have these in almost every household it seems, if one of my Facebook groups is to be believed!).

But the place is huge, you never know what you’re going to find. And with three levels, it’s a good afternoon of exercise.

I ended up coming home with a potato bin…

I’ve got to do something about that “Tatters”. It should be “Taters”. Or even “tatties” as Dave’s grandma would have said it (pronounced “totties” in her thick Scottish brogue)

I found these two diecast piggy banks for Dad. I’ll put them away for Father’s Day.

And I found this wee little spinning wheel for Mom. I was hoping they’d have a sewing machine too, but no such luck!

And that was it for the antique market.

But around the corner at Lens (Of course I made him go to Lens too!!)

I found some big damn ants!!! I think these guys are going to look great in the garden!!

And last – this little reversible plushie… one side happy, one side grumpy

Or as I said to Dave… one side Lemmy! One side Rupert!

10 thoughts on “Antiquing again

  1. Robin

    I remember those Merry Mushroom canister sets quite well. I know I have seen them in a thrift store within the last few years. Looking on eBay, yikes they are very high priced! You found some other prizes though so not a wasted trip for you.
    Take care!❤️


  2. Turtle Lover

    what fun finds! I do not have a merry mushroom canister set …. I don’t know anybody who does …. but I’ve seen them …. probably at the antique store LOL


  3. Shirley Elliott

    What wonderful finds! Those mushroom canisters were very popular in the 70s and went so well with avocado green and harvest gold appliances.


  4. Araignee

    Another great haul!
    I can honestly say I have never see those mushroom canisters in anyone’s house. In fact, I don’t remember anyone having any canisters now that I think about it. My grandmother kept her flour and sugar in giant green painted tins in her pantry. My mom and grandmother were not into cooking so I bet we never even had any flour in the house. I know she kept her sugar in the original bag in the cabinet because I still do that.


  5. My sister in law had the Merry Mushroom Canisters. I did not. I keep my flour and sugar in tupperware cereal containers…I love them for sugar, flour and my half wheat and half white bread flour.


  6. jatshaw

    I’d say you had a great afternoon with all of those fun finds. My favorite is the spinning wheel and then the ants. How fun to have them in your garden.


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