Indoor a-bloom

This time last week, we got another walloping of snow. And they say March is going to have at least a couple more storms like it under her belt.

So as much as I want to get out in my garden, it’s just not going to happen. I have to be content with my indoor flowers.

I have several African violets, but I bought this one not long after Christmas because it was a colour I didn’t have. It has NOT stopped blooming since! I don’t think I’ve ever had one bloom this long. All my others are taking a rest now, but they will probably start blooming as soon as they move out into the catio.

I bought this Anthurium before Christmas. It was a clearance plant and in really rough shape. It’s looking wonderful now and has one big, bold bloom. Anthuriums always intrigue me – that flower just looks so fake! I have a white one and a pink one (both are resting now too) so this red completes my collection

I bought this beautiful Heather plant at the grocery store when I got the African violet. I plan to put it in the garden as soon as it’s warm enough outside. I’ve tried twice to grow Heather (at the townhouse), and both times it died off. I think the soil was too heavy there so I’m hoping the magic soil here will be the difference

As you can see, it’s already sprouting new little leaves, and it’s still in the pot! I think this one is going to be a winner!

And my Hairy Rhipsalis has been blooming on and off since I last showed you. I absolutely adore these little flowers.

I’ve got two orchids with buds. But they are taking forever to actually bloom! The one on the left looks like it’s going to pop any day now though.

A couple weeks ago, I noticed one of the small succulents in my studio was sending up a tall bloom spike. It grew, and grew and grew… and now has these neat long, bell shaped flowers.

It’s a type of aloe, though I’m not 100% on which one (I think Aloe Albifloa). You would not believe how many types of Aloe there are out there!!! Regardless, I didn’t know that ANY of them flowered. So this was a nice surprise!

And though I won’t see tulips in my garden for at least another month, I can still bring them home from the grocery store to enjoy!

9 thoughts on “Indoor a-bloom

  1. That’s a sure way to bring some joy into a dreary winter. That African violet looks VERY happy and the pot you have it in is really pretty.

    You may have inspired me to go get one. I think African violets would do well in my kitchen window. Hmmmmmmmmmmmmmm.


  2. Araignee

    What a variety you have! I had a huge aloe plant for years and I never knew they bloomed either. I love African Violets so much. I used to have quite a collection. I’ve been tempted to get another but my kitties would consider it a snack.


  3. Your violet is gorgeous – love the color! We have an Anthurium in one of the bedrooms upstairs – it sure is an interesting plant. Trader Joe’s sells heather occasionally – I’ve never bought it, but I should look into it and see if it could grow here. It’s pretty stuff for sure.


  4. Shirley Elliott

    What a nice garden you have indoors! I never had an aloe vera plant that bloomed. Years ago, I had a purple violet like your new one and it bloomed continuously. Such happy plants.


  5. jatshaw

    That’s a very pretty violet! Mine are resting now, too, but one of my Christmas cactus plants is confused and blooming now…maybe it’s a Saint Patrick’s Day cactus?


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