Friday felines

Lemmy thanks you for your well-wishes for his little… operation.

Everything went well and he was home by afternoon. But, he’s not happy with me…

Not only does he have to get horrible tasting meds for four days. He HAS to wear the cone of shame!!!!! I tried letting him go coneless, but he would NOT STOP LICKING!!!! So cone it is

It also means I had to change my weekend plans. I was already a little worried about Dave’s ability to give Lemmy the meds while I was gone. But Wednesday night, I went outside to take out the garbage, and came back into Lemmy with the cone half off, and stuck in his mouth, and both Dave and Lemmy having a meltdown.

I figured it was just easier to stay home. I’ll try to get to Mom’s next weekend. By then, the meds will be done, and Lemmy will be healed up enough to go coneless.

At least I’ll get some good sewing time in this weekend!

13 thoughts on “Friday felines

  1. Oh dear, I missed the original post about Lemmy!
    Lemmy, you won’t remember any of this, I guarantee it.
    Wondering if you are getting hit with the same snowstorm as we are; thank goodness I don’t have to commute to the office today.


  2. Oh, Look at that little face. He looks so sad. All will be right in his little world soon. And yes, he probably does need his Mommy this weekend. I’m sure Dave does too. 🙂 I glad everything went well though.
    Blessings and huge hugs for Lemmy,


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