Better days ahead

This week… it’s been a week.

One of those weeks where everything piles on at once. Work was crazy busy. And that’s normally not a problem. I don’t have much of a social life, or outside commitments.

But this week… we had window guys coming to give quotes, doctors appointments, and then the Buick’s windshield cracked! There was lots of running around, and I felt like I was always behind, even though I never stopped.

But the storm seems to have passed, and other than going out to look at a vehicle with Dave today, I’ll be devoting a good chunk of my weekend to just chilling out!

On Thursday, when things were finally starting to lighten up a little, I popped outside for some fresh air. It was a beautiful sunny day. While there were still some piles of snow on the ground, wherever the sun touched was bare. Naturally, I did some poking around in the gardens, and a wee bit of yellow caught my eye!

Aren’t they just the happiest little blooms? Winter Aconite is one the earliest blooming flowers, and that’s one of the reasons I planted the bulbs last fall. I have just three little clumps so far. I can’t remember if that’s all I have, or if there will be more. I know I planted the bulbs in groups, but I can’t remember how many. They will spread too, so this early show will only get better with each passing year.

Even though it’s just a handful of blooms, these wee petals cheered me up immensely!

As did this guy.

It’s not the best picture, because I took it through my office window. He’s been hanging out in the tree outside my office all week. I’ve also seen several Red-Winged Blackbirds. And last week, a flock of Tundra Swans flew over the house. I didn’t have my camera handy, so no pictures of them unfortunately.

But there’s no denying it – even if Mother Nature sends us more snow…. Spring is Nigh!

7 thoughts on “Better days ahead

  1. I’m sorry you had such a hectic week. Some weeks are like that aren’t they? But finding flowers and a robin was a wonderful reward for working so hard all week. I saw my first robin on Tuesday and then the blizzard yesterday. I wonder where all the birds have gone the past few days. I always wonder that when we have bitter cold weather after seeing birds on warmer days.
    Take care and enjoy your Saturday Val.
    Blessings and hugs,


  2. Araignee

    Some weeks are like that. It’s been like that for us too. Filling dumpsters, bathroom plumbing, Dr. visits for The Mister’s upcoming surgery,…and none of it is done. My to do least makes me weak in the knees. At least I got the cardboard boxes out of the house so I can move around. Now give me the strength to vacuum this mess today.


  3. At this point, only the Snowdrops are showing, and I’d get rid of them if they weren’t EVERYWHERE in our yard.
    It’s nice to know that Spring will be here soon, and sooner or later, Spring will actually arrive.


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