Sunday squirrels

Most of the birds continue to elude me and my long lens. They are still very wary if I’m out in the yard – even quite a ways from the feeder. But the squirrels have been endlessly fun to photograph.

Their feats of acrobatics are incredible. I’m just look at this guy:

He is only hanging onto that feeder roof by his back feet.

And he can do it from both sides!

You can see how both front and back feet are almost like little hands. The only thing they are missing is thumbs! Can you imagine how much trouble they’d be with thumbs!!!

I think this particular one might have been showing off a bit. He was upsidedown more often than not!

At the townhouse, we saw a lot of rivalry between the black and grey squirrels here. The gray ones (which always seem to be bigger) would run off the black ones every chance they got. But here, while they don’t seem to interact with each other, they tolerate each other’s prescence much better

I’m pretty sure that grey is the same one I showed you a while back.

She’s a very robust girl with a wonderful coat. I love the bits of white and brown on her chest and belly. And that tail! So fluffy with such depth of colour.

She isn’t quite the acrobat wee Blackie is. But she still manages her meals without too much trouble.

Unlike Blackie, she doesn’t like to be upsidedown when she eats.

But that’s still some amazing balance she has! I know I certainly couldn’t hold onto a metal bar with just my toes!

I suspect the secret to keeping balance lies somewhere in that magnificent tail!

10 thoughts on “Sunday squirrels

  1. Oh goodness, their balancing skills are incredible, aren’t they? I’ve only been here about a week, but I’ve already gotten dad to draw the drapes aside in a back bedroom where I can settle into the back of a futon and watch right out the window at the squirrels and birds (and wild turkeys, deer, etc.!)


  2. Robin

    Gorgeous photos Valerie. Squirrels are pretty incredible with their dexterity. The last couple days I have noticed the chipmunks are out of hibernation. Have you seen any your way?


  3. Araignee

    I love squirrels. My great grandmother used to have one she called Perry that came and ate out of her hand. I was fascinated by it when I was a kid. We don’t have many of them here. I don’t think we have the trees for them. The last time we were back up in the town where The Mister and I came from we were shocked at how many squirrels were running around. Pup had a field day trying to catch them.


  4. jatshaw

    Fun photos! We occasionally have a little brown squirrel that visits us, but we mostly have the gray ones, too. There are two that visit often and will take a peanut out of my fingers. They compete with a couple of Stellar jays that also love peanuts.


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