Tiny Needle Tuesday

Not a lot was accomplished with the stitching this weekend.

I completed the A, and made some good progress on the R. But that was it.

But I only worked on it on Friday night. When we stopped in at Mom’s on Saturday, she gave me back the Rainbow Scrap Challenge quilt.

She’d finished all her fancy quilting and it needed the binding finished on it. So I spent Saturday and Sunday night plying that tiny needle instead.

Pics will come soon – she did and amazing job on the quilting!

11 thoughts on “Tiny Needle Tuesday

  1. I agree with Betsy – both will be finished soon enough. Looking forward to seeing the finished quilt – you have such an eye for color and your Mom is an amazing quilter!! Farm Fresh will be a fun finish too – do you plan to hang it in your kitchen?


    1. Yeah. It will go in the kitchen. I wanted to wait until we take out the panelling and put in real wall – but then I thought – why wait! It’s going to go up as soon as it’s done. ________________________________


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