A so-sew weekend

The weekend was a bit of a mixed bag.

As you know, Saturday, Dave and I were off to look at a used car. We are contemplating replacing his Buick Regal. We found another one on FB Marketplace that was a lot lower mileage.

I’d made arrangement with the owner over a week ago that we would come on Saturday at noon. The car was over two hours away (back in our old city) so we got up and on the road bright and early.

We arrived at the house two minutes after noon.

The guy opened the door a crack, and when I said we were here to look at the Buick, he looked really confused. And the said “I sent you a message to come Monday instead. It’s buried in snow right now.”

And he shut the door.

We stood on the door for a minute, looking at each other in shock. We could see the car at the end of the driveway… it had snow around it, sure… but it was maybe six deep at most.

I double checked my phone… there was no message – phone or text. Our last message with the guy was confirming Saturday at noon.

Now.. the strong waft of marijuauna that billowed out of the house when the guy cracked the door may be a hint to what the heck was going one. Don’t do drugs kids. It melts your brain.

We shrugged and got back in Dory and left

Now I was more than a little annoyed. Not only had we driven 2.5 hours… but I’d put off my weekend at Mom’s to do so.

But c’est la vie!

Since we were back in our old city, we took advantage and dropped off Miss Wren’s birthday present (a Barbie and a Squishmallow – nothing knit this year). We also took as side trip up to Mom and Dad’s for a couple hours.

And I got a little present.

Mom had just finished making me this little wall hanging. When we gto home, I found the perfect spot for it on the wall beside my machine.

It will look even better when I get rid of that ugly wallpaper!

At least it wasn’t a total waste of a drive!

11 thoughts on “A so-sew weekend

  1. What a pretty (and perfect) wall hanging your Mom made for you – looks great on the wall. Sorry about the long ride for nothing as far as the car goes – how annoying!


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