Friday Felines

Let’s talk today about vocal cats.

My original crew (Rupert, Burton, and Relic) are all vocal in their own unique ways.

Rupert like to run around the house like a madman between 10 pm and midnight every night making weird vocalizations. He’s almost always playing by himself, and I’m convinced the noise is just because he like the sound of his own voice.

Burton talks for food. It’s how I’m able to get all those “smiling” pictures with the quilts. He’s telling me to take the damn picture and give him the treats he knows are coming. Occasionally, he will meow just to greet you – if he wakes up from a nap or you walk into the room he’s in. But as he’s gotten older, that’s become less frequent.

Relic is an outdoor talker. He loves to meow at me when I’m outside. It’s usually because I’m on the other side of the catio fence, and he wants to be with me. But he’ll also meow to get my attention inside the catio yard (usually because he wants a scratch). The only other time he tells is when he’s telling one of the other cats to get out of his face, or when you’ve over-stimulated him with the butt scratches.

And I thought they were all pretty vocal cats. But then along came Lemmy:

This isn’t the clearest picture, but I love it because it pretty much sums up most mornings. From almost the moment I get up, Lemmy is following me around, yelling. Not meowing politely…. yelling! Non-stop.

In fact, the only way to stop it is to pick him up. But you can’t hold him. You have to let him balance on your arms. And he only stays there for a few minutes. He inevitably jumps down and usually starts yelling again.

And it’s not just me. He does it to Dave – and Dave’s usually up an full hour or more before me. So before he starts on his tirade with me each morning, he’s almost always done it with Dave as Dave tries to get his coffee and make breakfast. And note, that feeding the cats is the very first thing Dave does in the morning.

But Lemmy also yells to greet us. To tell us he wants to play. He yells as he’s playing. He yells when he’s just sitting, chilling and you happen to walk by. And it’s not new. He’s been a talker from the moment we found him.

In short, Lemmy is the most vocal cat I have ever met in my life. It will be interesting to see if it changes as he grows.

14 thoughts on “Friday Felines

  1. Rosemary

    Gee, he’s a sag, that Lemmy! Our Possum Boy is very vocal too. Whenever he’s at the vet’s they always ring me to say come and get him asap, as he is so noisy!
    Your puddies are adorable x


  2. Mabel is VERY vocal (just ask Dee). All the time. She is definitely the most vocal cat we’ve ever had. She will come into the office when I’m working and meow to let me know that a) she wants to go out or b) she has to have MORE food. (And, yes, folks on my conference calls have heard her – lol) What gets me is that Fletch can be in the kitchen – he could let her out or feed her, but no – she comes to me. And she is extremely vocal in her chittering to the birds! Let’s not forget the early morning wake ups I get (anywhere from 4 a.m. to 6 a.m.) where she comes in the bedroom and meows until I get up. Whew!


  3. How fun to learn all about your babies. And sweet little Lemmy. Those pictures! They’re hilarious. The cat we used to have, George, would have conversations with us. Oh how we loved him. He was so loving and played tag and fetch with the boys. Isn’t it interesting how different they all are with their distinct personalities?


  4. Araignee

    Those photos of Lemmy are precious. My indoor cats are not very vocal. They don’t even meow like normal cats-they croak. Our lone remaining outdoor kitty has taken to crying under my window in the morning if I don’t get up and fed her early enough which is unusual. I never heard her make a sound before.


  5. I’d love to see a video clip of Lemmy doing his yelling! My dad has been calling me a Kardashian sister because of how I, um, vocalize. I know he mentioned in my introductory post how the vet said I have a duck-like meow, but he says it’s more like a valley girl/Kardashian thing. I’m quickly learning that he’s kind of a dingaling.


  6. Too funny! I do love how each cat is unique-even in their speech! I can usually tell who is who from another room just by their meow. Lena likes to talk to me; as in converse-I say good morning, she answers, I ask what she wants to do, she answers, etc! It’s usually back and forth for several questions!


  7. Maureen Garrett

    I ❤️ this post of Lemmy!!

    All of the photos are great!

    The third photo is his “There’s nothing going here cuz I’m just being casual and hanging out in the garden” look.

    Maureen Garrett



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