The seedy side

The other thing I managed to accomplish last weekend was sowing some seeds!

It’s just vegetables this year. I have flower seeds to sow, but I’m going to try sowing them directly in the garden this year and see if I have better luck than last.

A few of these veggies probably should have been direct-sown (i’m looking at you cucumbers and carrots, and possibly spinach). But gardening is always an ongoing experiment, so we’ll see how this works out. Also… I just didn’t read the directions and sowed all my veggie seeds at once. Well… not all of them. I only did a little tray of each, so I sowed about half of each pack. That way, if this doesn’t work out, I can do some direct sowing as well.

And another little experiment I have going…

Re-growing celery and romaine lettuce from scraps. I started them both in water, and just potted them up. They are both in a nice, bright window so we’ll see how they do. They can go outside when the weather gets a little warmer too.

8 thoughts on “The seedy side

  1. I typically plant cucumbers from plants so I think if you get little plants from those seeds it will be fine to plant them. I know spinach likes cooler weather so you may want to look up when the best time to plant that outside is where you are. Good luck with your garden! I love your plant and kitty pics 😊


  2. Araignee

    I’m addicted to the Tik Tok dude that grows everything from kitchen scraps. I wish I had the place for it because I’d be growing everything.


  3. Have only tried seeds for partridge pea plants, and I didn’t do very well.
    Hoping there are a few scattered here and there, to grow on their own.
    Really, you could think of my gardens are the Wild West; no law, no society, just WILD.


  4. It’s fun to watch how your plants do every year. I always planted my cucumbers outside as plants, otherwise it took too long to get started if I planted the seeds outside.
    Hopefully the soil will soon warm outside for you. It was 57F here today and we’re supposed to get 4 inches of snow tonight! Crazy weather!


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