Tiny Needle Tuesday

More stitching was completed this weekend with help from the usual suspects

(Burton is between my feet in the second pic, though his black fur is hard to pick out)

I finished the R and made some good progress on the M. I was hoping to get the M done, to be done with the green. And also because every time Dave looked over at, he questioned if it was supposed to say ‘Fart Fresh’. That M would put an end to his stupid jokes.

But soon enough the M will be done and I can move onto the rest of the lettering and the wee hen on the bottom.

9 thoughts on “Tiny Needle Tuesday

  1. Dave sounds like Dennis, and my boys would probably say the same thing! 🙂 Your kitty babies certainly are attached to their Mama. I love that. Whenever we are sitting anywhere, you can be sure our little Zoey is on one of our laps. That’s teh best thing about pets. Unconditional love.


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