Burton demands Spring

April is creeping up, and that means Burton is in need of a new quilt for his chaise.

Easter would be the obvious theme, but as Easter sometimes happens in March, I decided to steer clear of it. Burton and I put our heads together and sketched out some ideas.

Then fabrics were chosen and the next thing you knew…

We had some tulips!

Not long after, we had a small garden

Uh guys…. we can’t see it if you’re laying on it…

Oh dear…. I think this one is going to be very popular…

Eventually, and with the help of some cat treats, I managed to get a cat free picture.

And yes… those are ladybugs around the outside

Aren’t they just the cutest. I got a couple yards of it on one of my spending sprees recently. I couldn’t resist using it on this. Now it just needs quilting and binding… but I’ve got a few days left in the month to do that!

11 thoughts on “Burton demands Spring

  1. Araignee

    Adorable! I’ve been in a rush to get my April placemats finished. It’s a good thing March is a long dreary month because I forgot all about them. I should be able to get them done this week barring any catastrophes.


  2. Maureen Garrett

    Another great post of the kitties and your small tulip quilt. I thought Rupert’s coat was a bit darker than Lemmy’s. All four of your boys are beautiful and healthy!

    Thanks for sharing your creativity/skills and da boyz!

    Maureen Garrett



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