Tiny Needle Tuesday

Thanks for all the comments about our basement drama. It is definitely part and parcel of having and old house, and we’ll get it handled.

No surprisingly, there wasn’t a tonne of time for stitching this weekend.

I did manage to finish off that M though, forever putting a rest to Dave’s fart jokes. You can see just the barest bit of black started under the Fresh. That will spell out “Butt Nuggets” which I’m sure will only give Dave some new fodder… but I guess after the basement, it will be good if he can still find something to laugh about.

9 thoughts on “Tiny Needle Tuesday

  1. Thankfully we don’t have a basement to flood! But then we don’t have a basement to store all the stuff you accumulate over 30 years! LOL. Glad you got the m done, it was weighing on me too. haha!!


  2. Araignee

    That is too funny….we could all use a good laugh. I don’t know what it is about this time of year but it’s always one thing after another when it comes to house drama. We were power washing today and it’s a wonder the place hasn’t fallen in. We’ve got so much rotten wood to replace…..sigh.


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