An Easter garden

HAppy Easter – it’s all beautiful spring colour here!

I am happy to say that my gamble of putting the forced bulbs in the porch boxes has paid off.

We’ve had some warm, if rainy weather this past week. And despite some quite cold nights, they survived and are in their full glory.

The hyacinths are a creamy white, and the tulips are just the prettiest shade of pink. The hyacinths smell heavenly as you approach the porch.

Elswhere, the snowdrops are done. It was a small, short show for them, but they will only get better and better each year.

There’s still the odd Winter Aconite blooming, though they are almost done too.

The crocuses are just starting. This is a new one called Monarch Snow Crocus. And I think you can see why. It’s very small. the flowers are about the size of my thumb nail. I thought I had planted more crocuses, but looking back – I did not. That’s something I’ll have to put on the list for planting this fall.

The Glory of the Snow is also starting to bloom. I bought a mix of pink, blue and white, but so far, I’ve only got pink.

As I mentioned before, there’s a tonne of other spring bulbs coming up, and it’s going to be quite the show once things get going. Although, the show in the catio is going to be a little more muted than planned… while there’s lots coming up, a lot of it has been broken by a certain ginger kitten.

“Who??? Me????”

Yeah… you. We should have named him “Wrecking Ball” with the way he flies through the yard chasing bugs, fluff and the other cats.

7 thoughts on “An Easter garden

  1. Araignee

    Those tulips are just gorgeous! What perfect timing to have everything in bloom at the right time. Even with Easter so early we are way past that here and…we have a frost warning tonight. Crazy.


  2. Lovely colours!
    Went on a wildflower walk yesterday; things are just beginning to poke up out of the leaf litter, but it was fascinating learning about vernal ponds, trilliums, turtles, snakes, and we saw a kinglet bird too…cool!


  3. Ahhhhhhhhhhh…the exuberance of a kitten. Sometimes it never wears off.

    (Giroux was throwing bits of ham around the dining room this morning and then chasing them. :::sigh)


  4. Those tulips are beautiful. Such a pretty shade f pink. You have lots blooming already. I don’t have anything on our little balcony and not sure if I’ll plant at all because it gets the west sun beating down in the afternoon. It would probably fry everything this summer. 🙂
    Ahh, sweet Lemmy. He’s just a very rambunctious boy.


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