Oh snap!

I was coming home on Wednesday, and I turned onto the road into town. Not far along. I noticed a handful of people standing by the side of the road. And as I got closer, I discovered why – there was a giant snapping turtle!!!

I raced home (about a minute drive), ran in the house and grabbed my camera. I didn’t even say hi to Dave. As I was running out the door again, he asked me what was up. All I said was “Can’t talk. Turtle!!!” and got back in the truck.

And this is why I was sooooo excited!!!

Apparently she had crossed the road and was making her way through the parking lot of the community hall. Right behind the hall is the Sydenham river, so I suspect that’s where she was off to.

She didn’t seem bothered by all the attention. She stayed focused on where she was going, and kept at it one step at a time!

I’m so glad I came by at just the right time to witness part of her journey!

10 thoughts on “Oh snap!

  1. Araignee

    Oh, wow! I’ve only seen one like that once before and it’s really something. They really are spectacular creatures. I’m hoping my yard turtle shows back up this year. I haven’t seen it yet but it did get cold again.


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