Veg head

When I got home from Mom’s last Sunday, I checked in on my seedlings and noticed a wee (or not so wee) problem!

The tender beans and snap peas were starting to outgrow the seed trays!!!! They are under a grow light, but even then, I certainly did not expect that growth just yet!

I transplanted them into a bigger pot, and they are on the sun porch for now. The sunporch windows are still wrapped with thick plastic from the winter, so it’s a bit like a cold frame in there. The cold nights won’t harm them at all.

I re-planted some more tender beans, so I can have a bit of a staggered harvest this summer.

While I was at it, emptied out the squash tray – the old seeds didn’t germinate. I got a new pack and replanted.

The spinach sprouted, but wasn’t doing well, so I scrapped it. In it’s place (and in the empty pea tray), I planted some sulver dollar seeds, and some snap dragon seeds.

And the weather has been so lovely this last week, I took advantage of a warm afternoon and assembled the raised beds I’d ordered (and Dave had painted)

Don’t they look great. I have to move that temporary bed in the middle (which I’m going paint and reuse.

And hopefully as you’re reading this, I’m outside, hauling soil and mulch and getting this whole area ready. Planting season is still several weeks off, but there’s a lot to do before then!

7 thoughts on “Veg head

  1. Robin

    Hi Valerie, your raised beds look great. The perfect weekend to do some gardening. I heard people are planting lettuce, peas, radishes……I think I will pop some seeds in my garden today too. It gets the full afternoon sun so it may work.
    Have a good weekend.❤️


  2. Nice raised beds. You’ll be eating good stuff this summer!

    We’ve been out cleaning up the winter “mess”. Steve dug up a huge hydrangea that I knew wouldn’t bloom again this year. It was taking up prime space. I’ll have to find something else for that spot. Other than that, things are looking pretty good so ar.


  3. Araignee

    I love those raised beds. My neighbor has some on his hill and grows so much in them. What I could use here is a cold frame. I get plenty of sun all winter and could most likely grow plenty of kale and other cold weather veg.


  4. You are going to love the raised beds for the vegetables. I cut the dead stalks off of my perennials this week, but didn’t collect them. It’s still too cold to leave the ground uncovered in my small plot. Hopefully, the perennials I planted last year have survived the winter.


  5. Shirley Elliott

    It’s going to be such fun to follow along with your gardening adventures. You have made such progress already. Love the raised beds.


  6. Those raised beds are the cats pajamas! You’re going to love them. Having the plants grow so big is a good problem isn’t it? I’m not much of a gardener so forgive me if I’m stupid! 🙂 I’ll enjoy reading about all of the goodies that grow in those new beds. Tell Dave he did a great job again with the green paint!
    Blessings and love,


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