April abounds

When I got back from Mom’s last Sunday, I came home to a pile of beautiful daffodil blooms.

I probably planted at least 10 different types of daffodils but so far only these two types are blooming. They are both very traditional, and I love them! But then I love all daffodils.

The weather throughout the week was absolutely amazing, and as a result the spring bulbs have practically exploded!

The Grape Hyacinths are just getting started adn as you can see, I have three colours. The traditional blurple, a pale pink (which I’ve had previously), and a new, solid white one! And these will multiply year after year.

In addition to the white hyacinths in the porch boxes, I have others coming up in all the gardens. Most are in the catio. So far, I’ve got this lovely periwinkle blue, a pretty pale pink, and a much bolder pink. The bold pink one has had a bit of a rough time thanks to Lemmy and his constant zoomies. Though the flowers may be broken this year, the bulbs are strong, and hopefully, our ginger mister will be a little calmer next spring.

I showed you some of the Glory of the Snow last week, but at that time it was only the light pink ones. But now I have blurple and white ones coming up too. Like the grape hyacinths, these will multiply year after year. Mom has a stunning show of the blurple ones in her garden.

And last, I was surprised by this Pasque flower mid-week. I had Pasque flowers at the townhouse, but they never bloomed this early – it was usually May before I saw them.

And there’s so much more to come. I just love this time of year!

7 thoughts on “April abounds

  1. Araignee

    I am happy to see that spring finally caught up with you. I’m looking forward to all the blooms I know you’ll be sharing with all us bloomless folks from now on.


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