Last week the weather was absolutely gorgeous! And by the weekend, the temps were positively summer-like (28 Celcius). They say things are supposed to drop down to something more seasonal this week, so instead of prepping my veg bed area, I decided to tackle another project – assembling and siting my rose arbour.

Out on the front lawn, I laid out an old blanket, and set up my big sun umbrella for a shady spot to work under and set to work. The arbour is white vinyl, so it was light enough for me to work on by myself. I took my time, carefully following the instructions and in a couple hours, I had it all together.

Attaching the top to the side really should have been a two-person job (as the instructions stated) but I found a way to manage it on my own. (Dave and I love each other very much – and know better than to try to build things together unless we absolutely have to!)

I took a break for a couple hours after assembly, and waited until the sun had gone behind the house before digging my post holes. Once the holes were dug, I got the arbour situated and level, and filled the holes with some Quik-Crete.

And with that, the project was complete.

Well… it’s almost complete. I just have to wait for my mail order climbing roses to arrive.

I have Eden and Quicksilver coming, and I can’t wait for them to start growing up and over the arbour!

12 thoughts on “Upright

  1. Patty

    That trellis is beautiful even w/o roses. Can’t wait to see your summer pics with the climbing roses!
    I’m like you when it comes to building projects like you just tackled. It!s better to keep the peace that way than having a world war under our roof!!!!


  2. Araignee

    I love those! It’s become very popular down with the beach houses to cover your whole front porch with a structure that looks like that trellis. There are several under construction now. I’m curious to see what they grow on them.


  3. Robyn Williams

    Love the arbor! I have also sent for some climbing roses. I have an electric pole in my back yard, due to an old house that was torn down many year ago. Tired of looking at the naked pole, so decided to try growing roses over it.


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