A picture of Spring

I keep my fancy camera handy with the long lens on beside my work desk. You may recall that I have my computer facing the window. I can’t see much but the Norway Maple, and the neighbour’s roof, but I do get to see the birds that flit in an out of the tree.

In fact, I’ve hung the oriole feeder from the awning over the window in the hopes that I can get some good oriole pictures this year.

I’ve yet to see an oriole, but I did snap one of this fine fellow.

He’d obviously stopped by the backyard feeder for a snack.

I also love the Maple at this time of year. The buds are on the trees are so pretty. They aren’t showy blooms like a fruit tree. The flowers are very small, but they are a great chartreuse colour, and the buds right below them are a brilliant maroon. When the sun shines, they positively glow. They are a little more dull in this picture, because it was a grey day – but they still have a wonderful beauty.

The fall colour of the Norway Maple is pretty much non-existent. The leaves just go brown and fall off. This spring colour is a good trade off.

6 thoughts on “A picture of Spring

  1. Araignee

    Lovely photo! I was thinking of you and your camera today when I went out front and saw that all my spring green hostas were covered in water drops that sparkled so pretty in the sun. I wish I’d had a way to capture it. My cheap old phone just won’t do it.


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