Little things

It was one of those weekends…. I had a tonne of stuff I wanted to do, but it poured all day. I decided I’d do our taxes, then maybe get in a little sewing.

Well… I did our taxes… and it took far longer than I thought it would. So there was no sewing. After dinner, I had to go out for milk, and Dave wanted to go into Sarnia to try to get a part for the Charger. All that went fine, until we got home and I realized somewhere along our route I’d lost my house keys.

Much drama ensued. Thankfully, keys were recovered the next morning after retracing the previous evening’s steps. The rest of the day was supposed to be sunny, if on the cool side. I decided to start on my outside list of chores. I got the fence garden weeded, and moved all the garden beds off the lawn, and was about to start mowing the lawn…. and the sky clouded up and started spitting out frozen pellets.

When that stopped, I went back to the lawnmower. Which wouldn’t start. And the rest of my to-do list required the lawn to be cut first.

Thankfully, I have a very mechanically inclined husband, and after a trip into Strathroy and back, and some tinkering, I had a working mower again.

So the lawn got mowed, but I was hours behind on my to-do list. I managed to get one big job done (which I’ll share on Wednesday), but I still have lots to do and won’t be able to get to it until next weekend (which is supposed to be rainy again!)

It’s weekends like these that I have to remind myself to take pleasure in the little things.

Like all my pretty dresses, blowing in the wind on the line! The ability to hang my laundry out just doesn’t get old for me! And despite the ice pellets, this load still managed to dry, and it all smelled so wonderful coming off the line.

And lawn violets! These little guys pop up all over the lawn right through to May.

And signs of life in my Rhododendron. I was sure this shrub was dead. It didn’t look good before winter, and when nothing happened in March and Early April (when my other shrubs were budding up) I figured it was a goner. But I went to pull it out and low and behold… two tiny little leaf buds.

And last… the smile on this cat! He just loves to be out amongst the flowers and fresh air!

What little things are making your day better?

10 thoughts on “Little things

  1. Those are all great little things (that cat smile!!). Nothing like the scent of laundry that has dried in the fresh air. Mabel is making me happy and new plants!


  2. Araignee

    Oh, dear….we’ve all had days like that. It’s almost routine around here that nothing goes as expected. I do love the sight of your wash on the line. My mom loved hanging her clothes out. She rarely if ever used a dryer. It was her therapy.


  3. Shirley Elliott

    I love the name lawn violets. I’ve only heard them called wild violets. There have been so many in the grass this spring. They always make me smile. In spite of all the stumbles, you accomplished quite a lot over the weekend.


  4. Relic is tip-toeing through the tulips.

    We lost so much in our garden over the winter. My hydrangea was alive, but it wasn’t going to bloom (again!) so, we dug it up. I can use that prime space for something else. My lavender didn’t make it and we lost one Rose of Sharon …thankfully the smallest one.

    My Japanese Maple had some funky, spongy black mold looking stuff on the truck. I carefully scraped that into a trash can and then scrubbed the tree with a bleach/water solution. The tree looks fine. We’ll see if the mold/fungus??? comes back and if the tree stay healthy . I suspect the black stuff came from a bag of mulch.

    We trimmed the dead out of the dogwood and it looks good, but it hasn’t bloomed as much as usual this year.

    AND ……………..I found a volunteer rose under the azalea. I planted it in a better spot. We shall see if it lives.


  5. Aww, Relic looks so happy. You did get a lot done, even with the hiccups along the way. I used to have a clothesline, in fact I had one at every house except the one here in Omaha that we just moved from. I sure miss hanging our clothes outside. Especially in Spokane where the air was so dry we could hang out a load of clothes and it would be dry in no time. With the humidity here in Omaha, it always takes longer but everything still smells good. Your dresses are such a pretty picture blowing in the breeze.


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