Veg Alley

There were two things I really wanted to accomplish on the weekend: Getting the raised bed area prepped and ready for mulch and soil, and siting my fire pit.

I bought the fire pit last year, but we never got around to siting it properly (digging out the sod, and filling the area around with rocks. As a result, we ended up taking a lot of brush and clippings to the transfer station that we could have burned. I have trimmed up all the Butterfly Bushes, and still have to do the Mulberry – I’ve got lots to burn!

After the ice pellet and lawn mower debacle, I ran out of time to do it all. But I did manage to do this:

I got all my landscape fabric laid out and stapled. And my raised boxes are all in place now. I still have one box to place – it’s the makeshift one I had the strawberries and spring bulbs in. It’s still pretty sturdy, so I’m going to paint it up and lay it in that open space at the end.

Then I’m going cut the landscape fabric away from the inside of each bed, line the bottom with cardboard, and fill each one to the brim with soil! The landscape fabric around the boxes will be covered in cedar mulch… much like the paths in the catio.

So, it’s by no means finished.. but it’s nice seeing it all start to come together!

8 thoughts on “Veg Alley

  1. Very nice! Does the fabric cut down on weeds? We have never used anything like that. We love having a fire pit – hopefully you can get yours set up soon!


  2. Looks good! I found that the chips are hard to walk on and leaves kept stopping in the mulch to decay! I hope you are pleased and can grow lots of food that is the main thing! WE love our sheep water tank for tomatoes 🙂


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