Tiny Needle Tuesday FO: Farm Fresh Butt Nuggets

One thing did go right this weekend at least.

With the help of the usual suspects, Ginger Spice…

And the Fluffernutter…

I barreled through the last of those letters and stitched the hen on her little nest.

It was only after I finished it, that I realized I seemed to have chose all the ’70s kitchen colours… Avocado, Harvest Gold, Coppertone… it’s all there! Lol. Eventually, my kitchen will be yellow, but it won’t be Harvest Gold – it will be a much softer shade.

Still, I think this is going to look right at home there. I just have to get a frame for it, which shouldn’t be too hard.

What’s hard is deciding what to stitch next. I have absolutely nothing picked out!

9 thoughts on “Tiny Needle Tuesday FO: Farm Fresh Butt Nuggets

  1. So cute!
    When I go resale shopping, there are always frames that I want to buy, but I haven’t yet remembered to make a list of sizes of the artwork that I have!
    I dislike uneven mat sizes, or having to cut off an edge.
    All those years as a framer have made me a frame snob.


  2. Araignee

    Congrats on the big finish!
    Those were sure my mom’s color back in the day. I still know the color she always painted her kitchen-Cornsilk. It matched her Avocado Green appliances and didn’t clash too much with the Harvest Gold accents in the wallpaper she had on one wall.


  3. We got married in the 70’s and our entire kitchen was harvest gold. I really didn’t like all gold appliances but that was what was there when we bought the house! Your Butt Nuggets picture however, is a totally different story. It’s so cute. I love everything about it, especially those cute helpers.
    Blessings and hugs,


  4. Yay for your completed stitchery project! It is so cute and will look beautiful in a yellow kitchen. My first house had harvest gold appliances, shag carpet (gold and green, heavy gold brocade drapes. Definitely cringe worthy today! I still remember how excited my sister=in-law and I were to wallpaper my dining room in a silvery wallpaper with a flocked green design.


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