Light my fire

As I mentioned earlier this week, one of the things I didn’t get to last weekend was siting my fire pit.

But the project has actually been on the to-do list much longer than that. Last spring, I’d gotten this lovely metal outdoor fireplace on sale.

But we never got around to actually figuring out a place for it and getting it settled.

Mid-week, after work, but while Dave was busy teaching, I decided its finally time. After almost an hour of indecision, I finally settled on a spot for it and got digging.

As much as I’ve complained about the recent rain wrecking my landscaping plans, it made removing the sod a lot easier than it otherwise would have been.

After the sod was off, and the ground was level(ish), I dumped in a few bags of lovely black slate.

After that, it was just the simple matter of settling the fireplace on top!

And now I just need some marshmallows! Of course, it’s been too wet to actually have a fire yet…. but soon enough…we’re going to burn, baby burn!!!

(In case you’re wondering about the white lines on the lawn…. that’s where I’ve got more sod removal to do for more flower beds!)

11 thoughts on “Light my fire

  1. My mom and dad have a round one like that, but they don’t really use it. They have an 8 ft. diameter fire “pit” in the lot next door where they burn all the stuff dad clears from the boss’s land, and once in a while they’ll sit by that for their fire fix.


  2. Araignee

    I love it! My poor pit is sitting unused. It’s either raining or we are under a code red which means no fires. Wind plus low humidity is a disaster waiting to happen in these woods.


  3. val, your firepit plans look great . i love a campfire,too. I am working on a free form shawl. Its sockyarn so its a long term project. But im ok with that. lotsa rain this weekend. im forcing myself out to the screened porch with the heater later. im so ready for mild temps.

    bet you are too kath and the cats


  4. Shirley Elliott

    What a wonderful addition to your yard! You are really accomplishing so much and I bet your neighbors are loving the improvements.


  5. Oh gosh! I would love to have a firepit again. We had one at the house but it was always too windy for us to burn. We had a firepit very similar to that at the lake and we loved fires in it, however, there were so many forest fires the last couple of years we were there.
    Your’s looks great right where you placed it. I’ll be over for a hotdog!


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