Tulip time

Now is the time when the tulips start to show off.

Like the daffodils, I mixed up all the bulbs and planted them randomly all over the place. I had bulbs from the townhouse, as well as mixes from bulb catalogues and some mixes from the hardware store. It’s been fun watching them all come to life… and there’s much, much more to come.

And also coming to life…

I’ve got a couple Bleeding Hearts. The white one is further ahead than the pink one, but it’s also a little more established.

I have two lilacs, but only this one (Bloomerang) has flower buds. The other one, Madame Lemoine, was almost dead when I got her. She’s got nice leaf buds, but she’s still very small compared to Bloomerang. It might be a year or two more before she’s big enough to bloom.

Both the Crown Imperials are looking lovely still .

And I was quite delighted to discover that in addition to the purple, pink and white Grape Hyacinths, I also got this lovely light blue! It wasn’t listed as par of the mix, but a few bulbs must have snuck their way in. I feel like it’s a little bonus!

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