Friday felines

Up until yesterday, it was nothing but rain here. And the easiest way to tell it’s a outside…

… ALL the cats are in the bed.

The bed is normally Rupert’s domain*. Sometimes you’ll find one, maybe two of the other cats up there with him, but the only time you get all four is when the weather is bad.

* (until dinner time – then he’s an outside cat until I make him come in around 9… but that’s another story).

8 thoughts on “Friday felines

  1. Robin

    Valerie, that is the sweetest photo! Hasn’t the weather been terrible?? I see from today onwards we are to be sunny. Time to get out in the gardens!
    Have a good weekend.❤️


  2. Mabel goes out when it’s crappy and then comes right back in…a little later she does it again. I think she is hoping it will change. We are having a lot of fog this morning.


  3. Araignee

    That’s adorable! I want to eat Lemmy up with a spoon. That little face is just the sweetest thing.
    Daughter had to take one of her four to the emergency clinic Wednesday night for surgery to remove a bladder stone that was wedged in her urethra. $4000. Kitty is home safe and sound this morning with a good prognosis but what a few days it was. I don’t know who I was more worried about, kitty or daughter.


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