A May garden blooms

The tulips continue to do their thing as we welcome in May. My particular favourite so far is this beautiful wine and white one.

Most of the daffodils are starting to go over, but there’s still some hanging in there.

These ones are very tiny, and I just adore them!

The white bleeding heart is looking just spectacular. This makes me so happy.

I had one at the townhouse, but it never did very well. I love to see it doing so well here.

The red one is doing nicely too, though not quite as big. I might move it to a better spot when I dig some more gardens.

It will be a few weeks more until we see blooms on the Lupins, but I love how the leaves look after the rain.

And look at this perfect line of water droplets on this Honeysuckle leaf!

May has been very rainy so far, but I’m hoping for a few dry days this weekend so I can get some things done in the yard. Planting season is ALMOST here!!!

8 thoughts on “A May garden blooms

  1. jatshaw

    Your bleeding heart photo reminded me to look for our plant. Sadly I think it’s gone, but we have lots of Dutchman breeches though. Our daffodils are done, but our tulips are still blooming despite our crazy weather. Luckily the squirrels haven’t been snacking on them this year!


  2. val

    i love your bleeding hearts. ive never tried to grow them. I certainly need a shade loving plant. hmmmmm.

    My seeds are sown as of yesterday. now to water water water!

    hoping for the sun to come out. fireman wants his birthday lunch as a treat. So that makes for late lunch, no dinner. just desserts

    hoping the sunshine will find you this weekend

    hugs to the cats kathy b


  3. Shirley Elliott

    You have so many pretty plants in bloom. The photos are just wonderful especially the water droplets on the honeysuckle leaf.


  4. Usually it is April showers but April was a roller coaster so the May showers will guarntee beautiful June blooms! lol These tulips are gorgeous but I agree, the white bleeding heart is magnificent!


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