It was a good thing I got the studio cleaned up last weekend, because a few days later…

I got a few deliveries of new stuff!!!

Why am I’m buying quilting supplies when I have very little time to quilt? No idea. But the sales were good, so whatever. I won’t bore you will all of it, but here are a few highlights.

I absolutely fell in love with this collection of Water Lily fabrics. I got a Fat Quarter bundle and a little bit of coordinating yardage.

I got two different cat-themed collections because cats are always popular in the shop. And of course, I love cats!

I’ve been wanting to make a fall quilt for a very long time – and I fell in love with this collection. I think it’s those old trucks!

This one hasn’t arrived yet, but…

It will be here soon! It’s called Green Thumb, and it’s a collection by Edyta Sitar. Both Mom and I adore her fabrics. Mom has several of her collections, but I’ve been waiting for the perfect one. And this one is definitely it. I’ve ordered it in the half-yard bundle – so much beautiful fabric!!!!

And last…

As a quilter, you can never have too many pairs of scissors. Especially when they tend to go missing and come back with nicks in them. But if I find these in anyone else’s hands… it’s going to get bloody!

7 thoughts on “Incoming…

  1. Araignee

    Pretty stuff! I love buying fabric. The new Connecting Threads catalog just came and I’m afraid to open it. I’m so tired with all this Mister stuff that my will is weak. I don’t need one more scrap of fabric until I use up some of these kits I’ve accumulated over the years.


  2. Marie Lenda

    I love your fabric choices. You can never have enough fabric, I agree, but I’m trying to limit myself to only 2-3 designers that I REALLY like and not just add fabrics that are just okay. I’m following your catio posts, really enjoying seeing what your cats are up to! ♥️


  3. Lovely fabrics.
    Teal and black cats…I’m in!
    I hide my fabric scissors, as my mother did when I was a child.
    I also hide my tools, otherwise The Hubby will steal a screwdriver and never return it, or I’ll find it in the car under the front seat…


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