Put to bed

Remember all those plants I ordered in Winter? They all arrived an this weekend was time to get them all in the ground.

Time for a plant-a-thon. It doesn’t look like much, because they are all bulbs and bare root plants (basically roots with no growth yet).

The bits of green you can see are plants I dug up and moved from other spots in the gardens, plus a few perennials I got at the garden centre when I was buying soil, because I really appear to have a plant addiction.

Most of the plants went in the new front garden, and the borders surrounding the raised beds. In about a month or so, both spaces are going to look totally different.

I was thrilled that the garden centre still carried the two poppies I had at the townhouse.

These two look so great together. I got two of each, a set for out front, and one set for out back.

The spring bulbs in the front porch boxes were pretty much done, so I got a few new plants to go with the pansies… a couple calibrachoa, and these beautiful carnations.

And hanging above them…

I have always loved fuchsias, and this particular type just blew me away! And now the porch has a lovely pink and white theme.

And I love fuchsias so much, I got some for the bird bath.

I bought 10, but the birdbath only holds nine so…

One ended up in this cute little solar light/planter I found a few months back. It’s joined by some dahlias, because who doesn’t love dahlias!?!

And as if all this wasn’t enough…

I decided to use all the empty nursery pots to plant some more seeds.

Nothing to do now, but sit back and watch everything grow!

8 thoughts on “Put to bed

  1. Some plants that I’d ordered will be in on Wednesday, and that’s the day that I visit WildType Nursery in Mason, MI, to buy more native plants! Not at all sure where they will all go, but we’ll figure it out.


  2. I’ll echo what many others said, your neighbors must certainly appreciate all of your hard work. If I lived in your town, I’d nominate your yard for a garden award. Your efforts are making the world a more cheerful and beautiful place.


  3. Michelle Cooper

    Wow, looking beautiful. So pleased your house cam with a large yard for you to fill. As others have said, the neighbours must appreciate all your amazing work. Here it is Autumn/Fall, but as most of the native plants don’t loose their leaves it stays green. Well done! Michelle in Wellington, New Zealand


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