Things to come

Last weekend I mentioned that I ordered some plants for the garden come spring.

I actually did two orders. One, with Breck’s Bulbs, which I gave you a glimpse of. And another, much larger order with a place on the East Coast of Canada called Vesey’s.

Vesey’s tends to have a better selection and prices than Breck’s (though Breck’s often has unique items) and I might have gone a little over board. It’s a good thing I have a big yard!

You all know how much I love irises. And it doesn’t matter what kind… Bearded, Siberian, or Japanese – I love them all. These three beautiful Siberian Irises (Butter and Cream, Ballerina Dance, and Snow Tree) will be added to the collection come spring. Siberian irises aren’t quite as big and showy as the bearded irises, but they have their own delicate beauty.

Crocosmia is one on the plants I had at the townhouse that didn’t make the move. So I’ve bought these two, Montebretias, and Sunglow. They bloom mid-late summer and do very well on the hot, humid days when other plants are wilting in the heat.

The next three plants are all things I have in the garden, just different variations. The first is Columbine – you will recall I have several Columbine, but it comes in so many colours and styles, I just don’t think you can ever have enough. This one is called Nora Barlow.

The middle is Tickseed (or Coreopsis). I have a couple yellows, but it grows so well, and blooms all summer and fall, it’s one of those flowers you just can’t go wrong with. This lovely orange is called Crazy Cayenne. I think it’s going to be a very hot addition.

And the last is sage (or Salvia). It’s another plant that you just can’t mess up. I have several shades of purple throughout the gardens, and this one, Midnight Model, is suppose to be very blue. Blue is one of those “challenging” colours in the garden – things labelled blue often tend to be purple… so we shall see.

Also in the category of can’t get enough off – Poppies! This one called “Central Park”. I ordered another deep red one called “Heartbeat” from Brecks. I just love big, blousy poppies.

I mentioned that I plan to put in a “woodland” garden under the maple tree. These two will help with that.

The first is Monkshood (also known as Aconite, or Wolfsbane). I have a bi-colour version coming from Brecks, so it should look nice with this solid purple one.

The second, of course, is Lily-of-the-Valley… but PINK!!!!!! I actually bought this once before and tried to grow it at the townhouse, but with no luck. I hope the second time around works better.

I’m also trying Sea Holly again. I’ve tried it several times with no luck. But I REALLY, REALLY, REALLY want it so hopefully I can get it going this time!!!

I mentioned I planned to add more sedums this year, and this one is one of them. It’s called Jose Aubergine, and you can see it has lovely dark purple leaves with pink flowers. I think it’s just so striking.

The next three don’t really have a theme but…

First: Did you know the things we North Americans call Geraniums aren’t actually Geraniums. They are Pelargoniums. The first flower above is a Geranium (though the two are related), and this one is called “Katherine Adele.”. I learned about the difference on Gardener’s World, and also learned it’s an essential “Cottage garden” plant so I had to have one.

The middle is Candida Prairie Mallow. As it’s name suggests, it’s a flower native to the prairies, and is related to the Hollyhock. I’ve been eyeing it for a few years and decided to take the plunge.

The last is Culver’s Root. It’s similar to my Speedwell, but bigger. I planted my first one last year, and though it’s still small, it seems to have much potential. I’m excited to add another colour.

And last, I’ve been coveting Astrantia for several years now. Breck’s carried a pale pink one called “Sparkling Stars” but every time I got around to ordering, it was sold out. So I was super excited when Vesey’s listed this mix, which included THREE different colours.

Ok Spring… time to hurry up! I’m ready!

7 thoughts on “Things to come

  1. Oh, what a beautiful assortment of plants you are adding to your gardens! Your readers are going to be treated to some beautiful garden photos. I have never seen Nora Barlow columbine. I always had good luck with columbine reseeding and spreading.


  2. Araignee

    So many beautiful things! I used to love pouring over the catalogs this time of year to plan my garden when I had a yard that I could plant things in. My grandmother loved coreopsis. She always had some in her garden but I have never seen it since.


  3. jatshaw

    You sure are going to have a gorgeous garden! Lots of your choices grow in our area, but I’ve never see pink lilies of the valley. Right now I am getting excited to see whether my amaryllis that refused to bloom last year really has a bit of a blossom starting to grow. Fingers crossed!


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