A stitch in time

Although most of my attention this week so far has been devoted to house/yard stuff. When the afternoons have gotten too hot any sunny, I’ve retreated to the coolness of the sewing room.

But uh…. we had to clean it first…

You know I had that little online spending spree a while ago. When it all came in, I opened it up, checked it out and left it. Now was the time to sort it all out and get it put away properly.

Among it was my Green Thumb bundle. Just look at all those pretty greens! I have to find the perfect pattern for it! Another thing I’d bought was a mystery fat quarter bundle. Normally, I don’t like to buy mystery things, but the price was really good so I thought it was worth the risk.

This is what I got.

How perfect is that? It’s like they knew me!!!!

Eventually, I stopped fondling all the fabric, put it all away and turned to the machine to get sewing….

But, I had to pay the treat toll first!

Once that was done and my machine was free, I banged out two more blocks for my new red and cream quilt.

So now I have six blocks done…

Just 10 more to go and I’ll have a whole quilt!

10 thoughts on “A stitch in time

  1. Araignee

    Oh, wow….you did luck out. What gorgeous fabric! My poor sewing room is in such disrepair right now. It’s more a storage room than a work space and I’m really itching to get something new in the works.


  2. What a cute Treat Troll though! And what gorgeous fabrics you’ve gotten. I don’t like hauling out my sewing machine when it gets hot and humid…that’s when I get very impatient!


  3. Marci

    Hi! Looks like one of the blocks has a piece turned wrong. Just wanted to be helpful before you start assembling the top. Gorgeous pattern!


  4. Shirley Elliott

    What beautiful blocks/fabrics! (Does the first block have a piece turned the wrong way?) Yay for new fabrics and a great surprise bundle.


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