Dirt, mulch and mess

As usual, this vacation has not gone quite as I imagined.

Normally I take this week off to do all the start of year garden stuff. But I got an early start on it this year, and thought I had so much done, that I wouldn’t need to do much in the garden at all.


I still had to find a new place for those plants I bought recently. This little garden is the bare spot I filled last year and threw some grass seed on. The grass grew well last year, but come spring it was full of bare spots again. So I decided to just pull what remained out and turn it into a garden. This little patch now has the Sneezeweed I had to move from the catio (it got way too big for there), the new Columbine, Catchfly and Native plants I showed recently, as well as several coneflowers I bought last last year. There’s also a Delphinium, and Globe Thistle. In the bare spot in front of the Sneezeweed (in the corner), I planted a couple of bareroot peonies, and a bleeding heart. I may not see much of them until next year, but that’s okay.

I also gave all the new gardens a dressing of black mulch

That included the new front garden. I was also able to get some more solar lights exactly like the ones I have throughout the other front gardens. It looks much more finished now… and will only get better as the plants grow.

And I do love how the black mulch looks and makes all the plants pop, but it has a definite downside…

It does scrub off pretty easily, but it makes for a very messy job.

And as for painting the back porch…

It’s proved to be a much bigger job than I anticipated because of the way the porch is built. There aren’t a lot of big, smooth spaces, but there are a lot of nooks and crannies to try to get paint into. I’ve decided I’ll tackle it one section at a time. At the rate I’m going, I should have it painted by the end of the weekend. And then it’s going to need a second coat….

Still, I am enjoying watching all that red oxide disappear!

5 thoughts on “Dirt, mulch and mess

  1. Shirley Elliott

    Your yard/gardens are so pretty and will only get prettier as the plants grow. I think you are accomplishing a lot. Love the color you are painting your porch (even though it will need two coats).


  2. Araignee

    Painting always takes longer than you think it will. I’ve got a can of paint sitting right next to my iron railings in the foyer and all I do is look at it and move along. It’s going to be a nasty job and I’m just not in the mood. Maybe in the fall.


  3. Ah painting. I always underestimate the time it will take to get something painted. Your gardens are so pretty and neat though. When we planted our flower beds at the lake, we put down black mulch. Lori and I had the same hands that you do! It’s really worth it though. Great job of it all Val! I’m so impressed.


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