Dragonflies set free

Despite the best efforts of our favourite floof ball…


I was also able to square away the Dragonfly Gallery top.


It was tough to get a good mix of the colours, without having any of the same centre prints side by side, but I think I managed it the best I could.


When I ordered the extra fabric for the sashing, this pretty print was on clearance. I was able to get enough for the backing. It may be a bit before this one is completely finished though, as I don’t have enough batting at the moment.

And while finishing another quilt is exciting enough, it’s also thrilling that this one left a nice pile of scraps for the Log Cabins.


And… doubly exciting….

If you’ve been keeping track, this means I now have TWO empty project boxes! Stay tuned for something new!

Union dues

I swapped out the yarn on the Union sock and have made good progress.


And as you can see, it’ makes a great difference. You can see the pattern much better now.

It’s a simple block pattern that was inspired by the ornate ceiling at Toronto’s Union Station.. the last stop on the Lakeshore West Line of the GO train.


I’m back to the office two days a week, so with any luck, this pair will be off the needles soon!

Superstar top

It’s done!


It took a ripped seam, some precise measuring, double checking, and a sliced finger (rotary cutters are bloody sharp!) but it’s fixed and finished.


The cornerstones worked well. The finished top is about 70″ square, so just under a queen size, but it will make a nice bed topper. It’s up with Mom now so she can work her quilting magic. Hopefully you see an FO post for it soon!


I love getting packages in the mail. Though my mailbox has been a little empty lately as I’m trying to cut back on my online shopping. So I was more than happy to take part in the swap that KathyB set up.

I got my package from my swap partner (Nancy at Wyoming Breezes) yesterday.


She very generously sent me not one, but TWO skeins of sock yarn in gorgeous colours. I’ve been looking through my planned fair projects to see if I can fit them into the projects. If not, as soon as I finish the last few On the GO designs, I’ll be whipping up some socks for myself!

And as you can see, there’s also an assortment of other goodies! (I’m afraid I ate most of the fruit chews in one sitting!)

Thanks to KathyB for setting up the swap, and Nancy for the fabulous package!

Strange Magic

So Delighted Hands solved my peony mystery for me… it’s most likley the PH in my soil that’s making my peonies lighter than Dad’s.

But now there’s other weird things going on in the garden….

The Beard Tongue, which has always been pink… suddenly started blooming BLUE!


At the same time that there were pink blooms on the plant!

And that pretty creamy Columbine?

35461374_10160487595255243_4316812126732681216_oWell now we’ve got separate white and yellow blooms – on the SAME plant!

And my beautiful purpley Ebb Tide rose…


Is no longer purple!!!


Seriously? Can you even believe that’s the same rose????

Anything weird happening in your garden?

FO: Tuxie Love

Mom was able to finish the quilting on Tuxie Love in short order. She sewed the binding on for me, and then it was up to me to tack it down. As is my custom, I put on a good movie, got comfy on the couch with my needle and thread and…


Burton! You can’t have it yet!

I got through a couple sides, put another movie on, got up to get a drink and snack, and…


Well you know it must be a nice quilt when it brings these two together!

But finally, I got it all bound, and I folded it up and tucked it on the back out the couch so I could photograph it the next morning.

The next morning arrives and…


Come on! I waited until she got up for breakfast and…


Now you can see it all! It’s a bit of an odd shape… about 40″ wide by 80″ long… but that’s because I have a tendency to fly by the seat of my pants when piecing instead of planning things out really well. But it’s really just a kick around blanket for me, so the size and shape isn’t really that important – the snuggle factor is!


And wasn’t I lucky to find the most purrfect chunk of flannel in the clearance bin? Seriously – what are the chances? And with the exact purrfect shade of pink! And flannel! Snuggle factor achieved!


My orginal plan was to applique noses and eyes on the cats, but then I found they cute little heart shaped buttons – which again – just purrfect! And once I got them on, I decided I liked the abstract look of the cats with noses, but no eyes. (I can always add eyes later if I change my mind.)


Since it was just a kick around blanket for me, I told Mom to do whatever she wanted with the quilting and not worry to much – just use it to get some practice in. She got lots of practice with loop-d-loops in the pink sashing, wishbones in the black sashing, and a wobbly meander all over the cat blocks.

The end result is a purrfect cuddle quilt me and my kitties can enjoy for many nights to come!