Tutu Tuesday

Back in August, when I was visiting Krista at the Festival of Friends, she was eyeing up a booth full of tutus, and thinking of buying one for Wren.

I told her not to bother, I had tulle at home, and I was an experienced tutu maker.

Of course, it took me months to finally get around to actually making one, but as my vacation was nearing the end, I got the tulle all cut into strips.


I put on a good movie, settled in with the waistband wrapped around my knee, and started tying.


Wren is still small, so this one went much quicker than the one I made for myself in 2015. Before my movie was even over, the tutu was finished.


Krista has promised some pics of Wren modelling it soon – and when she does, I’ll share them with you!

8 thoughts on “Tutu Tuesday

  1. Araignee

    That brings back memories. I had to make lots of those for Daughter’s ice skating team once in almost the same colors. The static electricity drove me bonkers but it was worth it when I saw those kids light up when I brought them in. She is going to love it!


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