Chasing butterflies

As you know, my main goal in planting my gardens was to attract butterflies.  And it does just that. There’s never any shortage of White Cabbage Butterflies…

At any time, there’s a least one flitting around, sometimes two or three.

But we don’t have a great variety of other butterflies, as I’d hoped. I’ve only seen one Yellow Swallowtail.

The only other butterfly I’ve seen on a regular basis is the Monarch. I see one bopping through the gardens almost every day. But getting them on film has proved difficult. they have been very shy this year. Every time I get outside with the camera, they fly away.

That is, until the other day.IMG_8701

This guy was quite content to let me get close and snap away.  If you look closely, his wings aren’t overly vibrant, and they were a touch on the translucent side, so I think he was on his last legs.


But regardless,  I was glad I was able to finally get a few decent shots. While the flowers themselves are their own reward, the butterflies they bring in are icing on a wonderful, colourful cake!



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