FO: Pumpkin hat and janes

I didn’t mention it, but I’ve been on vacation this past week. It’s been just a little staycation – and sadly one too hot and humid to get up to to much trouble, but I was able to devote a good many hours to fair knitting.

As such, I was able to bang out and entry the the Baby Hat and Bootie Category.


I figured since it’s a fall fair, it wouldn’t hurt to have a bit of a fall theme. So I dug up some perfect orange Stray Cat. I couldn’t find quite the pumpkin hat pattern I wanted, so I ended up making my own (I’ll release it soon)


I used a simple garter rib to create a nice plump pumpkin texture and I’m thrilled with the results.


My Baby Janes pattern was perfect for the booties, and some sweet little orange flower buttons finish it all off.

Hopefully this little pumpkin brings home a ribbon!





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