FO: Dragonfly Gallery

Mom is rocking her new long arm machine, and just blasting through my quilt tops!


I find this quilt has a nice modern feel, which is odd, because I’m usually drawn toward more traditional patterns. But really, this pattern was the best way to showcase the charm pack. It would have been a shame to cut those pretty dragonflies up.


The charm pack was paired with a jelly roll of batiks, and a honey bun of plain “Nile” green. A bit of purple/blue batik yardage for the border finished it all off.


I found this fabulous green patterned fabric for the back at Missouri Star Quilt Co (and on clearance).

But this quilt has something a little extra. What you can’t see in the pictures is that the charm squares have little sparkly gold highlights, here and there. So when it came time for quilting…


I talked Mom into using a metallic rainbow thread. (She had some leftover from a quilt she made Miss Paisley). She used the same loop-dee-loop she used on the piggy quilt, and here it made the perfect dragonfly trails!

It’s so nice to see another one finished. I really need to go complete another top!

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