FO: Dora cardigan

Despite the weekend troubles, it’s been a productive week. The Dora cardigan is finished.


Once I got the sleeves joined to the body and started on the decreases, this little thing flew.


While the pattern is decent, were I to make it again, I’d change a few things. I’d knit the sleeves in the round – then there’s just a tiny armpit hole to seam, instead of the whole sleeve too. I’d also make the button bands two stitches wider. It doesn’t seem like much, but I think it would make them lie a little flatter, and would be a little better for the size of the button.


Speaking of those buttons – I used these little vintage crystal ones from my stash. They have just a hint of blue, which is a nice little nod to the blueberry tones in the yarn.


I love the lace pattern in the bottom – it creates a pretty little scallop, and once you get going, it’s easy to work (only four row repeat, two of which are all purl).


All in all it was a nice little knit. And while that vintage leaf/lace baby cardi may still take first prize at the fair… I think this one is good for a solid second!



9 thoughts on “FO: Dora cardigan

  1. Shirley

    That is a beautiful little sweater! Love the colors of the yarn and the design. I think you will bring home quite a few ribbons this year.


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