FO: Bunnies and butterflies and birds, oh my

I wasn’t really expecting to finish this one quite so quick.


I have a pile of tops at Mom’s that have been waiting quite a while for finishing. But I quilted Swan Princess with a pale pink thread, and Mom overestimated the number of bobbins I’d need for it. There was still three bobbins wound up when I decided I had time to bang out another quilt before going home. And this one was the only one with a colour-scheme that would work with pale pink thread.


Like the swans, I stuck with loops, and I think it worked particularly well with this quilt. As many of you noted, it has a very feminine, vintage feel. And I think it really shows that simple (a nine-patch is one of these easiest blocks to make) can be exceedingly beautiful. Although I’m a fairly new quilter, I sometimes feel I’m not doing the fabrics justice if I’m not making something complicated. But just like yarn – sometimes, the fabrics are enough.


The clearance fabric was perfect for the back, and using the bunny fabric on the binding really ties it all together, making those centre bunnies stand out just a little bit more.

It’s not a big quilt – just lap size. But it definitely is a pretty one!

9 thoughts on “FO: Bunnies and butterflies and birds, oh my

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