FO: Carbeth Cardigan

Here she is!


My completed Carbeth Cardigan. And I absolutely love it. I fell in love with the original pullover version, though I rarely wear pullovers, so I was thrilled when she came out with a cardigan version.


I’m not entirely sure why I love it so much… it’s a very simple design. I think it’s the wide raglan and that big stand up collar. I just love the way it looks.


It’s supposed to be worn with about 4 inches of positive ease, so I really should have one up a size, but as I mentioned before, I am slowly losing weight. This way, it fits me fine with no ease, but will still look alright when there is some ease in there.


While I prefer to wear it partially unbuttoned, it doesn’t look too bad buttoned all the way.  And about those buttons… you guys voted overwhelmingly for the silver hearts… and I did go with them at first. But once I had a few of them sewn on, it was evident that they were just too heavy even for this one. I probably could have reinforced the band with some ribbon, but I wasn’t in the mood for that much effort… so wood buttons it was! I think they do the trick.

The yarn I used was Knitpicks Chroma Twist Bulky. It’s my first time knitting with a Knitpicks yarn and I was more than happy with it. It was soft and lovely to knit with, and I love the way the gradient stripes knit up in the garment. It does have a touch of itch, but nothing unbearable. I don’t normally knit bulky garments for myself, but we’re in the middle of a deep freeze right now, so that extra thickness is coming in handy!



10 thoughts on “FO: Carbeth Cardigan

  1. Shirley

    That is a beautiful sweater and it looks so good on you. The color is perfect with your hair and complexion. I love the way the back looks with the wide raglan sleeves and standup collar. The buttons look fabulous also and the problem with the weight of the silver buttons just meant the wooden buttons were the ones for this sweater. Stay warm!


  2. oh Val! Such a beautiful sweater! Sometimes the buttons can’t announce themselves until they are on! They look wonderful. How nice that you are slowly losing weight. It s a battle here but I seem to be maintaining my Weight watcher loss pretty well.
    Love your dress too!


  3. Your Carbeth is darling! And it looks good both buttoned and unbuttoned. I’ve been eyeing that pattern for a while now, but I hesitate to knit a sweater in bulky-weight. I am usually warm. Still, you are tempting me!


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