No fooling

Fools’ on you Mother Nature…


You sent the snow a day too early!!! After our wonderful week outdoors, this is what we woke up to yesterday.


I feel you Relic… I really do. Don’t worry… it won’t last. By the middle of the week, the temps are supposed to be up in the low teens.

But while we are housebound again, I’ve turned my attention to getting something new on my needles.  Wyoming Breezes has been showing off some lovely cotton dishtowels lately. Cotton is not my favourite thing to knit with, but I’ve got a fair bit left in the stash, and dishtowels might be just the thing to use it up.


I started with a simple basketweave stitch, but it’s definitely getting frogged. I’m not happy with tension and I’m thinking a simple eyelet pattern might keep my attention a bit better.

So while deciding which direction I want to go, I’ve been flirting with the idea of starting a new cardigan.


This is LYS. It popped up on Ravelry just a short time ago and I absolutely fell in love. I bought the pattern right away (which I rarely do – I try to wait until I’m ready to knit it). Sadly, the only yarn in my stash in the right quantity is some rusty orange Jungle Cat. While it’s  a beautiful shade… it doesn’t really go with any of my dresses (If you can believe that.. I have 30 of them but not one in a colour that will work!!!)


This cute little croppy came up just the other day. It’s Ursa. As you know, I don’t usually o in for pullovers, but I think this one will totally work with my dresses. That said, I think it’s probably better suited to much cooler weather, so it’s going to wait for cast-on. Something to look forward to for fall, I think!


Last is Nera. If it looks somewhat familiar, it’s because you may have seen it on Delighted Hand’s site – she just finished one. I adore how it looks, and think it would look fab with my dresses. Sadly… I have no yarn for it either! (It’s knit n bulky, and I don’t tend to stash it.) But have no fear…


Knitpicks has come to the rescue with a pile of these beauties! It’s the same yarn I knit Carbeth in – this time in drawing room. It was a joy to knit with, and is pretty nice to wear, so I’m happy to knit with it again.  Of course… it won’t be here for a week or two… so I’m still looking for something to knit…

8 thoughts on “No fooling

  1. Araignee

    Oh, dear. We woke up to freezing temps again this morning but snow? That’s just crazy.
    I love all those sweet little sweaters. I could use one today. On top of my long underwear that is. Ugh.


  2. Thankfully no snow for us, but major drop in temps and it is FREEZING outside. I’m back to wearing a turtleneck and sweater!! Cute sweaters you’ve picked!!


  3. Shirley

    Relic looks like a very irritated feline sitting outside the door. Love both of the cardigan patterns. I think your decision on Nera is perfect for the season ahead since the sleeves are shorter. Love your yarn and look forward to seeing how it knits up. We have had some beautiful spring weather, lots of pollen, 70 degree days. Getting what will probably be out last touch of cold weather tonight and tomorrow. Frost and freeze warnings and then we will be back to 70 degrees again.


  4. We got the snow on Saturday night. We were a few hours south in the torrential rains, but by the time we got home the snow had hit. Good thing the roads weren’t icy! All the knits are lovely, but I love that first one!


  5. Our snow had ice underneath, and it barely reached the freezing point yesterday afternoon, to get things to melt a little. Today, we have bright sunshine, although still cold. Here’s hoping for higher temps soon!


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