FO: Calendula

After a vigourous blocking, Calendula is now on my shoulders…


Of course, it’s difficult to take pictures of shawls on yourself. So I also threw it in the snow!


It’s a pretty crescent shaped shawl that comes with several options on sizing. I went with the biggest size, though as I was nearing the finished line, I was worried it was still going to be on the small side. But I should know better – with a good soak all that lace opened right up and the shawl grew. When laid around my shoulders, the points reach my waist – no quite a full-size shawl, maybe – but definitely bigger than a shawlette.


As mentioned before, the yarn is Top Cat in Jiminy Cricket. I used just under a skein and a half, which means I have enough left to make myself a pair of anklets – which is fantastic – I adore this green!


It is hard to see the beads, but they add a nice bit of weight to the drape, and glint beautifully in the sunlight.

All in all – the shawl took me a month to knit. I can knit a shawl much faster, but as you know, I wasn’t working on it monogamously. Now the needles are open for another knit… and I think we’re going to keep this spring theme going… maybe it will finally chase the snow away!

10 thoughts on “FO: Calendula

  1. Araignee

    How lovely!!! I use my shawlettes more than my full sized shawls. they sit nicely on my shoulders to keep out the chill but stay out of the way.


  2. Used to have a sweater set with that same green, and I loved it! Then, I lost weight and it was too big, so I donated it to a women’s shelter. Now, I’ve gained weight and then some…and have no green sweater anymore *boo hoo*


  3. Shirley

    The shawl is sooooooooooo beautiful! Looks so elegant and lacy and the beads add just the right amount of sparkle. And you will soon have socks to match. What neat wardrobe additions at this time of the year. And I was one of the readers who skipped yesterday’s post after reading the heading. I am terrified of snakes of any kind and always have been. I will stick to cats and dogs.


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