More outdoor

I’m sorry for no crafty stuff… but we are just too excited about Spring


The last few week days were warm enough to have windows and doors open and the boys were just begging to be outside.


As you may know, we have a bit of a tier system here with outside privileges.


Burton is on a harness and leash because for all that he is adorable, he’s notoriously stupid. And on top of that, he has no fear. If allowed free, the first thing he does is climb a tree… and get stuck. Who knows what other trouble he’d get in to if I let him have his way.

Rupert has a little more smarts, and a lot more fear, so he’s allowed to remain leash-less, but is only allowed out when I’m out there with him. In truth… he’s really only leash-less because if you try to put a harness on him, he thinks you’re trying to perform an exorcism on him, and he goes all demon kitty. So we have an agreement… he can be harness free, as long as he remains in the yard. Which he mostly does. Every once in a while he gets brave and travels beyond his boundaries, but a  quick clap of the hands has him running back. Peno has the same privileges as Rupert. Though I don’t have to worry much about her. She usually just comes out for a quick munch on the lawn, then goes back inside to resume her 23-hour nap.

Relic is the only true free-range cat of the bunch. And only because it’s notoriously difficult to corral a cat who’d been outside for the three years prior to you taking him in. We’re talking about getting him a GPS collar to see how far, and where he goes. Though most of the time, he’s just out napping in the garden.


Up until today (it’s COLD again!) we’ve been going outside for an hour or so every day. We’ve seen our first honey bee, though have nothing in the yard for the poor girl to eat. Nothing is in bloom yet – not even a sad little dandelion (and no sign of my snowdrops).

I did attempt a little bit of clean-up. Cutting away dead stuff, raking out the leaves, sweeping up the patios stones…


But clearly… I’ve got a lot more cleaning to do!

8 thoughts on “More outdoor

  1. jatshaw

    Our cat has always been an indoor cat as that was one of the conditions of her adoption. It’s been nice here, too, and we’ve been hard at work raking and pruning.


  2. I know I could not trust Giroux outside without his harness/leash. We live on a main street in town and traffic FLIES!!!

    We used to let him out on our porch in Orlando and in Jacksonville and I KNOW he loved it. Here he’ll just have to be satisfied to sniff the outside through the screen.

    Looks like your kitties really enjoy the fresh air.


  3. Shirley

    What happy cats! The photo outside of Burton and Rupert (from the back) is so cute. Spring is just beautiful here. I saw tulips in bloom on my walk this morning.


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