FO: A spring mini for Midge

A while ago, Mom bought a vintage Midge doll off ebay.


She came in this cute little blue skating outfit (she has skates, but I swapped them out for sensible white heels). Midge lives on Mom’s sewing shelves, and her intention was to make her a new outfit for each season.

But here we are, a  year or two later, and poor Midge was still stuck in her skating gear. Because I was so focused on Nera, then Hitchhiker, I’ve barely touched the machine. But Friday, I decided it was time to sit down and get some stitches in. I wasn’t in the mood for quilt blocks, so I raided the fat quarter stash instead.


I have my own Midge doll. She belonged to my Great Grandmother, who made Barbie clothes for any little girl she could find (including me!). My Midge is not in as good a shape as Mom’s, but she was good enough to serve as a model for my creation. When I was eight or nine, Mom taught me how to make a Barbie dress with just two rectangles of fabric, (no pattern). I’ve made enough of them that it’s kind of like riding a bike… I don’t think I’ll ever forget. Though this time around, I upped my game by using a circle, instead of a rectangle for the skirt portion.


And now Mom’s Midge is dressed for spring… complete with a little feather and fan shawl so she doesn’t get too cold. (I forgot to get pics of it on it’s own).

So what do you think? Bikini top and shorts for summer?

8 thoughts on “FO: A spring mini for Midge

  1. Araignee

    I had a red haired Midge and the red haired Skipper to go with my red haired bubble cut Barbie. I can’t believe you made all that teeny tiny outfit. She does look quite chic!


  2. Shirley

    What an awesome outfit for Midge! I always struggled with those tiny pieces of fabric when sewing doll clothes. The shawl is just wonderful!


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