FO: Bear Mountain

For this FO, we have to go back in time to June of last year…

I had just finished up a cute little top for a baby quilt I called Bear Mountain. I was going to quilt it myself, but the more Mom and I looked at those long side panels, the more we agreed they needed something fancy. So I left it in Mom’s hands.

It took her a few months (about nine)… but…


She finally finished it. And it was well worth the wait. Just look at all the beautiful quilting magic.


My pictures really do not do it justice.

This quilt came together from a charm pack (making up the bear paw blocks), and a few larger pieces from the stash.

IMG_2358The back is a chunk of blue grey flannel from the clearance bin.


And it’s on the back that you can really see Mom’s quilting talents


She really outdid her self on this one!

12 thoughts on “FO: Bear Mountain

  1. Shirley Elliott

    Definitely quilting magic! The quilt is just beautiful in every aspect. Those blocks and the fabrics are wonderful and so cheerful. Your Mom’s quilting is awesome. What a neat gift this will be for some lucky person.


  2. jatshaw

    Awesome! You are correct, she’s a very talented quilter. How nice she did this for you! BTW, do you think I could knit those cat socks from the top down?


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