An October garden

Our fall this year has been all over the place so far. One day warm, the next day cold… back to warm, rainy, windy, foggy… the only thing we haven’t had is snow!

The garden is still hanging in, but it’s definitely winding down. Though you wouldn’t know it when you look at the Chrysanthemums.


It’s so covered in blooms you can’t see the leaves!


The pink one out front is much smaller, but so pretty. And almost as many blooms per inch.

The weather has confused my yellow irises…

This is definitely the first time I’ve EVER seen irises blooming in OCTOBER!!!

Chicago Peace always does well this time of year.


And Blue Girl has put up her (probably) last bloom of the season. And it is a perfect one!

The coneflowers and susans are almost done, but there are still a few specimens left.

The finches have been enjoying the dead seed heads though.

The sunflowers are done, but I’ve left them up for the birds…


But someone knocked the big one down and had quite the feast!

And we’ve still been feasting on the fruits of the garden as well!

4 thoughts on “An October garden

  1. Araignee

    I love mums. I have such fond memories of my mom taking her scissors out and cutting them back all summer so they’d bloom in the fall. Your roses are spectacular. Roses around here didn’t do so well. I don’t have any but the ones I am used to seeing in my walks looked pretty terrible. It must have been that record breaking heat and humidity.


  2. Shirley

    That white chrysanthemum is awesome! All of your plants have performed spectacularly this season. I so envy you with the weather you have had. It has been so hot and dry here in NC with record breaking highs last week. Finally on Saturday, we had a day of fall weather. Think the worst of the high temperatures is over. Now, if only we could get some rain.


  3. delightedhands

    The Chicago peace rose is so beautiful-I can almost smell it……
    Lovely Fall garden joys but the Iris is a surprise bloom for sure!


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