Night sky

As I mentioned the other day, Sam has commissioned me to make another quilt. This one is for a young lady in her circle who loves the colour blue.

We picked out this lovely collection of jewel-tones, and paired it with with a soft, warm grey for contrast.


Both Sam and I love star blocks, so we settled on Big Sky for the pattern. It’s another easier-than-it looks pattern, and in the two colours it has a stunning result.


Once you get the hang of them, they go quite quick. I can now complete two in just over an hour.


I have 12 more to make.

I’m going to see Sam on December 14th, and I’m hoping to have this finished by then. To do that, I need to have the top completed by December 6. It’s doable, as long as work doesn’t get too crazy.

Here’s hoping…

8 thoughts on “Night sky

  1. Shirley

    What beautiful fabrics! That block and those fabrics are going to make an awesome quilt. I would realize when I did the final layout that I had one HST turned the wrong way.


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