Solstice stars

There’s another quilt project that’s on my Christmas deadline list.

Back when we moved, I mentioned that my brother’s friend Shawn joined the moving party and gave us an extra pair of very strong helping hands. Here’s a little background: Shawn actually lives with my brother and his family – he’s lived them a couple years now, and has pretty much become part of the family. Because I have a cousin with the same name, I usually refer to him as “new brother” Shawn.

Still, I didn’t really expect him to want to help us move. But he did. He, my brother, and Dave did all the heavy lifting. It was hot, humid, and generally a hard, miserable day. We gave them all a bit of money, but it wasn’t enough for the hard work they put in. (It worked out to about $11 an hour).

I decided he deserves a quilt. I didn’t have much “manly” fabric in the stash, so I asked Mom if she had anything. She still had a pack of fat quarters from the Stonehenge Solstice collection, as well as a few coordinating fabrics, and was willing to give them up to a good cause.

Like my brother’s quilt, I decided this one needed a little planning. It didn’t take long, because it’s basically similar to the baby top I just finished. But still, I needed to know how many squares I needed to cut.

They are all prepped and ready to go, so I can sneak in a throw a block together whenever I have a spare half hour or so.

And of course, I couldn’t resist making one right away!

And I’m happy to say, it passed quality inspection… onto the others!

* If these prints look familiar, it’s because I made Dave a quilt out of the same line a couple years ago. I’m thrilled to be creating with them again! *

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